Asian Journal of Food & Agro-Industry
 Volume 7, Issue 01 ( JANUARY 2014 )
ISSN : 1906-3040

1. Perception of off-odor with ph changes in street-vended coconut juice
Alfeelyn B. Capule, Deanna Marie G. Lacambra, Heds B. Sarion, Marie Claire Uwimbabazi, Eufemio Barcelon
2. Physicochemical and baking expansion properties of peroxide-oxidized starch with different uv irradiations
Angela Myrra Puspita Dewi, Eduard Fransisco Tethool, Abadi Jading
3. Evaluation on the sensory preference and microbiological properties of street vended ice cream
Joan Berry, Jessica Jasmin, Fatima Macam, Leira Montiflor, Eufemio Barcelon
4. Investigation of spirulina supplementation into uht milk and modified soymilk for yoghurt fermentation
Nguyen Phuoc Minh
5. Harvesting and processing of tropical sea cucumbers in fiji
Ravinesh Ram, Kim Friedman, Roveena Vandana Chand, Milika Naqasima Sobey and Paul C. Southgate
6. Comparison the chemical components and functional properties of fish protein isolate from pangasius hypophthalmus byproducts to other protein isolates
C.X. Thuy, T.B. Lam, H.T. Toan and K. McCommick
7. Effects of butterfly pea extract and flower petals on sensory, physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of sugar-free ice cream
Tasanee Limsuwan, Natcharat Paekul and Lily Ingsriwan